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0xe388c6b0537c956de663f6197f38a296549004bd - Hello Charlie Smart Contract Address 0xc83e81f110C319F5F39634fB2C5f6DCa496387e5 - Hello Charlie Contract Owner Address

Charlie's Funds

Hello Charlie Secondary Sales (Gnosis Safe) 0xac1D73AfA9Ec6e3551Ba539D8420afc55170578F

Note: To view WETH transactions in Etherscan, change the token type from Ethereum to Wrapped Ethereum in the "Token" section Hello Charlie Mint Treasury Sales:



Brei: 0xb1D049fE83091f63E92E532fFDD9c7C0e7D6C5c7

Brylle: 0xA4c1fB56FeCe5954828A9556Df1cC7bB29516f93

Bryan: 0xeE8c7892E1B5C4584deC8427d13851385c505c18

Ledger(1) - CONTRACT OWNER: 0xc83e81f110C319F5F39634fB2C5f6DCa496387e5

Ledger(2) - 0xC434D71663372B8020B117E679191C13F2E86C4c

Jappy: 0x9a6DbcECd740Cd57f24AeDcf766c7BB33B5AFd70

Distribution of Funds

At the current situation (October 20th 2022 onwards until further notice), all royalties will be allocated for the operations of the project. The distribution of the funds from royalties may be changed without prior notice.

TeamProject Treasury








Royalties from sales are set at 5% and its allocation is stated above.

Charlie's Treasury

The project treasury was seeded with 47.478E following the mint.

This was or will be used to:

  • Pay all of the project team members from the mint (9 Members).

  • Pay the project team who continue to support and run the project.

  • Fund development of the brand and project. This may be in the form of events, merchandise or development, or any other work undertaken for the Hello Charlie brand.

  • A proportion will always be reserved to cover company taxes.

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