Terms of Use and Intellectual Property

Hello, Charlie! NFT

Hello, Charlie! is committed to helping the community, organizations, and whomsoever involved in this project to protect their intellectual property rights.

Our Mission and Vision

Founded in December 2021, Hello, Charlie! is a community and art-focused project with a mission to empower, connect, support, and inspire people in the Metaverse and IRL. We are committed to deliver our promise to bridge Web2 to Web3 by providing platforms focusing on transparency for endless opportunities, collaborative work, and beneficial partnerships. Our vision is to utilize a safe platform upon entering the metaverse exclusively to our valued community. As we progress towards the future of fungible trades, Hello, Charlie! aspires to bring further value to our community by investing in promising projects and developing tools to fully equip them in their journey. With the growing Web3 space, Hello, Charlie! embraces artists from the community – creating stronger networks and birthing unique ideas which we will support and nurture. Hello, Charlie! will be your boat in this sea of Ideas and Information within the space. A thriving community awaits!


The name and intellectual property involved in the Hello, Charlie! NFT ("Hello Charlie") is owned by Hello, Charlie! NFT. All materials produced, including but not limited to images, traits, contents, and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the media in which the images are stored, remain the sole and exclusive property of Hello, Charlie! NFT is protected by copyright under Philippines copyright law and other copyright laws.

What do you own and what can you do with it?

Any eligible NFT purchasers are entitled to Minting a Charlie from the Hello, Charlie! NFT through smart contract with Ethereum, or when purchasing a Charlie on the secondary market, you have purchased an official Hello, Charlie! NFT. This will grant the holder of a licensed rights: (1) In which provides purchasers the access of limited right to publicly display (2) Purchasers are permitted use of the art in a derivative work, (3) and distribute the NFT commercially with revenue of up to $40,000 in perpetuity. Eligible holders should acknowledge and comply that the Licensed NFTs are made available solely for entertainment purposes. Images used for any purpose not directly related outside of those terms, must be with the express permission of the Hello, Charlie! NFT may include additional and different terms than what is displayed in this contract. Hello, Charlie NFT! owns the rights to the smart contract in its entirety.

Derivative and Commercial Rights

Derivative works are allowed. The derivative license applies to the full character that makes up the NFT. Individual layered files and traits are proprietary and owned by Hello, Charlie! NFT. Eligible purchasers are not permitted to create a new NFT project using individually created layers, so as minting a derivative project. Hello, Charlie! NFT strives to see how the community expands, thus, purchasers are authorized to use the NFT for commercial revenue up to $20,000. Purchasers who intend to forego over the threshold of limited rights of $20,000 revenue mark are suggested to consult the matter with Hello, Charlie NFT. Derivative art is approved within the context of content, tone, types of images for use, and general messaging, but does not guarantee Hello Charlie NFT, the right to control design of individual derivative works.


Taxes which may arise from minting or reselling Hello, Charlie NFTs are entirely the liability of the purchasers, including applicable VAT


Eligible purchasers of Hello, Charlie! NFT are allowed only to individuals that are over the age of 18. Purchasers should be fully able to abide and encapsulate the terms, conditions, and obligations herein and who are using currency that such party is the lawful holder thereof.

Terms of Sale

The NFT space remains and is still considered foreign, therefore, respective authorities globally are still making decisions about how NFTs can and should be treated. As such, these Terms of Sale are subject to change at any time, in order to comply with any legal or regulatory changes which must be adopted. Purchasers should agree that the purchase of this NFT does not constitute a Security; and the value of this NFT is determined by the market and conditions outside of our control.

No Guarantees

Purchasing a Hello, Charlie! NFT means that whoever agrees to purchase the initial launch of NFTs relating to the Hello Charlie NFT project. The art is your purchase. Future promises regarding the use of funds and benefits are subject to change. There is no guarantee of future commitments by Hello Charlie beyond the Project Treasury. Here is our outline for how the Project Treasury will be managed.

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